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Our current portfolio of products includes Accident, Supplemental health and non-insurance discount programs.

Short Term Medical

An insurance plan to face those unpredictable moments in life. It provides the financial protection from unexpected medical bills and other health care expenses, including:

  • Doctor visits and some preventive care
  • Emergency room and ambulance coverage
  • Urgent care benefits, and more

Active Care

Multiple coverage types all in one solution with benefits for cancer, heart attack, stroke, other critical illnesses and accidents, as well as hospital, ICU and skilled care facility stays—all in one policy. Cash benefits for up to:

  • 17 critical illnesses.
  • 14 different types of accidental injuries.
  • 7 other important categories.
  • With critical illness lump-sum payments up to $100,000 for each major diagnosis—plus cash benefits and recurrence benefits.

Financial Retirement

  • 401k
  • IRA
  • Mutual Funds
  • Medicare Supplements

Care Gap

Care Gap, our ACA Supplemental Coverage, covers all 10 essential health benefits and includes a Scheduled Plan and Guarantee Issue.

10 Essential Health Benefits
Scheduled Plan • Guarantee Issue

Sales AdvantEdge

Sales AdvantEdge offers several benefits in a Health Discount Benefit Package, including:

Tele-Medicine, Dental, Prescription Drug, Vision

Insurers and Partners

Discount Pharmacy Card

Payroll Services

Individual Life, A&H Benefits

  • Accident
  • Critical Illness
  • AD&D
  • Term Life
  • Disability
  • RX

Employee Benefits

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Telemedicine
  • ID Protection

Commercial Insurance

  • Small Business and BOP
  • Specialty Lines
  • Commercial Auto
  • Property-wind
  • Earthquake
  • Workers Comp

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Accidental Death and Dismemberment product plan offers the following benefits:

  • Benefit Maximum up to $500k
  • Paralysis, loss of hearing, loss of sight and severe burns
  • Coverage available for spouse and/or children
  • Guarantee Issue

Accidental Medical Expense

Our Accident Medical Expense provides the following benefits:

  • Benefit Maximum up to $25K
  • No coordination of benefits with primary Health Insurance
  • No network restrictions
  • No Coordination with other coverage
  • Guarantee Issue

Critical Illness

Critical Illness provides the following benefits:
* Covers Cancer, Stroke, & Heart Attack
* Lump Sum benefit up to $50K
* Benefits paid directly to insured
Simplified Underwriting

Dental & Vision Insurance

Our Dental & Vision covers all the following:

  • Cleanings, fillings, x-rays, crowns, root canals & other services
  • Eye exams, eye glasses & contact lenses
  • True insurance not a discount plan
  • Guarantee Issue

Health Guard

The Health Guard is a discount plan offering the following benefits:
* Tele-Medicine, Prescription, Drug, Dental, Vision,
* Nurse Line, Labs, Imaging, Hearing, Diabetic Management,
* Chiropractic & Alternative Medicine,
* Child & Elder Care Assistance

Your Custom Products

Our technology platform supports both Insurance and non-insurance products for the individual and group markets

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