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How do I change my user settings on the E Volve platform?

When logged-in click the upper right hand corner, there is a “MyAccount” drop down menu. Select “Account settings” and then “Agent” and make your changes. Make sure to click “SAVE” button before you exit.

How do I find out the status of a policy?

After successfully submitting an order on the E Volve platform, the agent can check the status of a policy by logging into the carrier’s system and looking up the policy.

How do I get trained on using the E Volve platform?

There are two methods of training available to the user. A  video can be viewed at E Volve Plateform Training.


You can download a Presentation at E Volve Platform Training.

How do I sign up to use the E Volve Platform?

First, you must be appointed as an authorized Agent by the Carrier. Once you have your Agent ID number, simply email RIT Support at RIT Support will email the link to setup your Agency. Once your Agency has been setup up, then you must email RIT Support again to setup each writing Agent individually.

How does a new agent signup to use the system?

First the agency must have been setup in the system. The simply email support at with the following information Agency Name, Agent Name, Telephone, email, agent number. Support will email a registration link for the agent to create their own User name and Password.

Why am I getting an error when entering my Customer’s Credit Card information?

If you receive an error message while trying to enter Credit Card information, it is most likely due to a validation issue with one or more of the following; Credit card Number, Expiration date, CCV, zip code, Bank decline.

Why did the Customer not receive an email?

All system generated emails to the Customer use the email address entered in Step 1. Check for an error in the Customer’s email address. The agent should not enter their own email address in this field.

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